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The mobile app solution for nail bars that aims to streamline your business

If you want the ability to take bookings with deposits, show your customers what you can do, distribute special offers and keep in touch with all your customers then you need your own dedicated mobile app


App Features

Book an appointment

This is a simple interaction between your customer and yourselves that provides the ability for the customer to simply request an appointment, you to confirm and the customer then pays a small deposit and the booking is made. As well as being administered from the web administration area this functionality is easily managed from any of your staff’s phones with a simple tap of a button (subject to permissions of course)

Look book (styles)

This provides your customers with an interactive gallery where they can filter by various treatments and styles and see the type of work that you do. If they want to share this with their friends and family they can simply share either using their messenger platforms or core social networks.

The book is fully controlled via your own administration area and gives you complete control over all of the content simply and easily.

Loyalty card

This uses a unique system to virtually stamp loyalty cards within the app, so you can your customers for frequent visits, level of spend etc. the system allows you to set the number of stamps, the reward and the dates when the card is available. Simple in store system with no additional software allows you to stamp and redeem the cards with the minimum of fuss.


Our system allows you to publish a special offer whenever you’ll want to let your customers know of the latest later special offer, drive business on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, let them know about the lates want and at the press of a button, all of your customers will receive a push notification letting them know the offer is available. This can even be scheduled ahead of time giving you complete control and most importantly zero cost.

Share your nails

After your customers had the treatment, it makes sense to encourage them to share their latest style on their social networks. The simple function allows them to take a photograph, we automatically overlay your branding so the world gets to know who did the work. With a simple tap of a button that images then shared on networks around the world.

Finding you

This provides your customers with all your direct contact information and an interactive address feature which allows them to simply tap on your address which will launch their native map app and give them turn by turn directions today to your door

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